Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not for the want of trying.

The sun has gone behind the clouds and here I sit glued to the computer - I have tried jumping a few lessons and of course, it hasn't worked. Tried loading a video that my daughter was co- producer of, but the exercise failed. I will try again when I am feeling brighter. It also does not help being on a computer that is not your own; feels odd and does not work the way you expect it to!

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When fist visiting Flickr I couldn't imagine why anyone would wish to load photos on this site. Having spent further time searching I am beginning to get a glimpse of some benefits. My most dominant thought is - thank goodness for Advanced searching - without it one could spend mind numbing hours looking at countless photos that have little relevance to ones own life and Life is Too Short!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First time look at Flikr - I feel I must be about the last person on the planet to look at this. Found it relatively easy to navigate and understand and it may inspire me to modernise my approach to photography - I still think there is nothing like the old photograph albums even if the pictures are turning red and covered in brown spots! This photo of the Taj Mahal reminded me of one with one of my daughters mowing the lawn here with an old push pull lawnmower.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creating a blog has been an interesting exercise - it surprises me how unoriginal my ideas were on what to call my blog. I certainly hadn't expected that "I will fear no evil" or "Its life in the oncoming traffic" or "Drink from me and live forever" would have been unavailable. Little did I know!